Don’t Miss Focus on Fossils

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It might seem like the simplest, most basic part of photography, but it’s shocking how many people don’t give it the attention it deserves. It doesn’t matter how properly you set up your studio to photograph fossils, it doesn’t matter how good the light is, and it doesn’t matter if you use the best HDR software to take photos outdoors.

None of it matters if you miss focus on your subject.

Make Sure You Get Focus

Once you have set up your subject and your shot, you need to make sure that your subject is in tack sharp focus. This matters more in something like fossil photography because you want to capture as much detail and realism as possible in the photo. If you miss focus, the fossil will look more like a piece of rock than anything else.

So in order to make sure you have the focus at the right point, follow these tips:

  • Move the focus point manually to the point you want to focus on. If you use a ‘wide’ setting for focusing, the camera might lock focus on some corner of the subject, making everything in the center a little blurry and unclear.
  • Use a narrow aperture to ensure that you don’t have a shallow depth of field. That way, much more of the subject’s depth will be in focus even if you focus on one part of it.
  • Focus manually if your camera can’t lock focus for some reason. If you have a mirrorless camera, you can make use of focus assist features to zoom into the frame and fine tune the focus exactly where it’s needed.
  • Use a tripod to reduce the chances of camera shake while pressing the shutter. Especially if you’re using a narrow aperture, you will need to lower the shutter speed which can introduce blurriness even if you had perfect focus to start with.

So the next time you need to document any fossils, either in a studio or outdoors, remember to pay special attention to where your camera focuses.


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