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Cave Paintings by Prehistoric Men – Why Did They Do It?

Cave Paintings
Cave Paintings by Prehistoric Men – Why Did They Do It?

You must have seen so many cave arts whenever you have travelled around a cave, or might have heard about them or read about them – but have you ever wondered why did they do it? What made them feel so artistic about their lives that they felt like making paintings in the wall and then left all of us wondering the reasons behind the art or what do those paintings even mean?

Although historians and anthropologists and others tried a lot to take out one simple answer for the same, we still do not have an exact reason why did they come up with those cave arts. While some say that this was their way to depict their lifestyle, or convey their message to the other generations, some others say that this was their way to communicate or to keep a track of their own way while they have been traveling.

However, although no one is still yet sure, and all of these are just hypothetic arguments, here are the top two theories –

  • They just wanted to draw – You know, just like they wanted to draw something, some of the artistic minds felt like drawing so they did the drawings. But then again, this could be just another hypothetic argument but since new discoveries have come out, it doesn’t make any more sense because turns out, people actually have invested lots more time and effort on this art. Just a mere way of spending the spare time cannot be this fruitful!
  • They wanted to make a prehistoric encyclopedia – If you look at those cave arts, you could actually see that their whole life has been depicted on those arts. They wanted to preserve all the information – the animals they used to see for the first time – the things they invent or discover – about the changing weather or about the new place they have just moved into – they wanted to keep everything as a book. This is another hypothetic theory the experts want to believe.

The cave arts by the prehistoric people have been amazingly captured in various photographs by various professional photographers. These are indeed very beautiful worth saving for!

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